Hello there, my name's Zal. Yes, I'm a Zoroark, an Albino, actually... I hope you aren't offended by that. Er... please enjoy your stay.
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(( hfff how do designing a primal god I’m so lame
Plus it’s like… Insanely elder and I feel like legendaries would sense it immediately if it ever took form cause the power is just so staggering plgsksgk I’m such an idiot with this plot and this character please forgive me ))

(( Memo to self for later ))

(( I’m really groggy and drowsy thanks to the medicine the doctor gave me for whatever cold or flu is going around but I need to write this down before I forget in this groggy stupor of mine

work on Lazarus’ design, Allaganus’ design and heck prettymuch everyone’s designs
and the plot posts

Note: Tay only do this when you’re in a good mood and feel good about yourself and your work otherwise you will feel the plot is crap and everything will go to shit

Two Shiftry stood in the great branches of an ageless tree, staring at one another with unblinking eyes.

The smaller one, the female of the two, tensed for a long moment, before releasing the tension in a vigorous shaking of its leafy fans.

The male did a similar motion, hopping over to his sibling’s side with the grace of a feather, despite his great size, and nodded slowly.

The two Shiftry, faces identically creased in worry and fret, shook their heads with reverberating sighs.

It was one thing to lose sight of the girl… but their master? Once they lost him, there’d probably be little possibility of finding him again themselves. That was just the kind of… being he was.

They would have to wrack their brains to maybe dig up some shred of where he could’ve gone.

But for the moment, knowing their master would turn up on his own accord before they knew it, the two agreed to remain in the vicinity of the Deepwood.


day two - favorite dark type

Sibyl has not been herself lately it seems. Increasingly worried her words have become. She speaks distantly of some … forgotten god, and… 

…seems to fear for her own life, in a strange, frantic yet quiet manner, she does. Presume much, I cannot… however…

A bright path… I cannot see such a line in her future thus far.

Perhaps time may tell more.

masterofluff said: Maybe you need glasses? Or have um eyestrain? Or allergies? Do you want me to get like a cool pack for your eyes?? Would you like me to give you a forehead massage?? -worried mama Zoro mode-


-casually bewildered by the onslaught of questions but smiles since she’s happy to see Zoro regardless-  Oh Zoro, y-you don’t have to do all that! As for glasses, well, I’m afraid I’ll lose them out here in the forest… I’ve gotten by with my Extrasensory for things I can’t see. Since I went to the doctor I’ve been trying not to strain my eyes too much, though!… but the headaches kind of persist, unfortunately.

-she puts her hands up, waving them in a reassuring manner- B-But at least the doctors know for sure its not a tumor or something in my brain or eyes! So maybe I’m just getting sick or something…?

"You’re restless, eh? That’s new for you." The old man laughed.


"You know far better than I the value of time, friend."


"The missing pieces? Ahh, I see what you’re getting at."


"Me? Oh, nah… I’m plenty full for now. No need to use that old nickname of mine." 

The old man’s expression darkened slightly.

"…Your ‘Devourer’ will be sated when it’s over. He knows that well enough. No need to remind him."

The elderly man’s expression returned to a peaceful one, content in the forest night.

"Only after that will the journey finally be at an end. What a weird thought, eh? Heh heh."



My head’s been throbbing a bit lately, it feels like my eyes are full of pressure too. Like they just… ache, somehow. I haven’t been straining them though, that’s what’s confusing me.

I asked Mir about it and she took me to a doctor, the best one ever! But he couldn’t find anything wrong, at least not with my eyes or brain.

Maybe its just a headache… I’ll try getting more sleep, then.

(( I think I actually have a bit of plot formed for Zal
But I don’t feel confident about it at all
Lazarus has more plotish things imminent but he’s still in such of a design limbo visually I can’t exactly implement any of it

Sometimes I feel like I really should just give up because my plots really are the lamest out there (as some anons seem to keep saying, please fuck off) but ugh, I don’t know… plus I keep wanting to bring in more characters but that’s just gonna bring me more grief ))

[[ Anyone remember Lazarus? lol probably not

he’s a really really old guy to whom there is a lot more than meets the eye…

Yeah I got a little spurred on by some friends’ encouragement earlier and so I went on a doodling spree during class

The left picture was the first doodle but the paper it was on was TERRIBLE with my pencil, really really smeary, so i tried to draw him again on one of the crappy printer papers i have (they have a ton of little flecks in them so i cant use em for serious drawings ugh)

also Zoroark legs are hella hard and also hair and beads. I’ll finalize him someday /sobs ]]

[[ sometimes I remember I actually have plot-ish things for Zal

And Lazarus too especially, weird old guy he is.

but then its just like Tay no dont even try

my plots are complete and utter shit 

how does everyone come up with such great plots /sobs you guys are amazing ]]